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Our emerging 2050 vision

The emerging strategy gives an opportunity to set out how partners can work together to deliver these ambitions across the county.

We are building a vision for the long-term future economy of the county. We are clear that this must be driven by creating opportunities for all of our communities in a way which improves the life chances of all of our residents and businesses. It must also be delivered in a way which takes the county forward sustainably for a greener Gloucestershire.

Our emerging economic vision for the future is as follows:

“Our innovative county will, through the creation of opportunities and an inclusive environment, deliver thriving and successful communities and businesses.

This will be achieved by having reliable and robust infrastructure and services, that provides the confidence to make difficult decisions as we successfully transition to a Carbon net-zero economy.” 

Underpinning this future vision, are seven core priority statements. These have been drawn from the evidence shared in the next section and in conversations with partners. Five priority areas are focused around the two areas of place and people and there are two cross-cutting priority outcomes which deliver opportunities for all our communities while ensuring a greener Gloucestershire.


📈Sustainable growth: to ensure future housing and employment growth is considered on a strategic basis, and where delivery is prioritised in those areas which ensure that carbon net-zero targets are deliverable, and supporting infrastructure is delivered in the right place and at the right time.
💷 Inward investment: to create a welcoming and supportive environment for businesses from the UK and abroad to invest in Gloucestershire, fostering innovation, creating jobs, and promoting prosperity across the county.
💻 Digital: to ensure communities and businesses benefit from the opportunities provided by a resilient digital network by possessing the digital skills required to fully engage in making Gloucestershire the best place to start and grow a digital business in the UK.


🏫Skills and employment: to ensure that every resident has the opportunity to grow their skills and make the most of job opportunities in a diverse and flourishing economy.
👩‍💼 Business support: to deliver a business support offer that fosters a dynamic and inclusive economy where businesses of all sizes and types are empowered to innovate, create jobs, and contribute to sustainable economic growth while transitioning to carbon net-zero.

Priority outcomes

😃 Opportunities for all communities: to create a thriving community where all individuals and businesses have the opportunity to succeed, by ensuring that every resident has access to quality education, training, and employment, in a safe, healthy and sustainable environment.
🌳 Greener Gloucestershire: to pave the way towards a sustainable future, facilitating a smooth transition to a flourishing green economy, and working with Gloucestershire’s industrial base to advance clean technological specialisms.

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